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Social Security Disability

Physical and mental disabilities can make it difficult or impossible for individuals to work and to earn an income. The federal government has programs in place to help support those individuals who qualify for disability benefits. Importantly, disabilities do not need to result from an accident, but can be caused by nontraummatic medical conditions and illnesses as well. Individuals who receive Social Security Disability receive payments from the federal government for their costs of living and may be eligible for other governmental benefits as well, such as medical insurance through Medicare.


To qualify for Social Security Disability, it is necessary to submit medical documentation indicating that the individual is unable to work. The Social Security Administration employs judges who decide disability claims and many who choose to apply for benefits on their own are denied Social Security benefits initially. A denial of benefits does not mean you can never receive disability benefits as Social Security Disability decisions can be appealed.


Mr. Weitz has been able to assist many of his clients to receive Social Security Disability benefits, despite the clients' own initial unsuccessful attempt. An individual’s success rate in recovering Social Security disability benefits increases drastically when represented by a competent attorney, who will fight fire with fire when dealing with Social Security’s legal team.


If you are unable to work due to a physical ailment, mental problem, illness or disease, you have the Right to receive Social Security disability benefits. Don’t waste any more time worrying about how to pay your bills and support your family. Contact Mr. Weitz immediately to discuss your matter and to ensure your rights are protected. Know your rights! Call Jeremy Weitz!


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