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Drug Injuries

The pharmaceutical industry generates billions of dollars each and every year through the creation and marketing of prescription and non-prescription medications. Despite strict regulation by federal agencies, pharmaceutical companies often push for medications to be placed on the market before all of the effects are known. Many times, a medication on the market is discovered to have adverse effects, which may even outweigh any benefit they were originally marketed to produce. These adverse effects can be irreversible and can increase a person’s chances of developing cancer or illness, cardiovascular conditions, respiratory problems, stroke, weakened bones or muscles, or even death. “Bad drugs” have been known to cause paralysis, blindness, loss of smell and other senses, adversely affect mood or mental state, hair loss and loss of libido, just to name a few.


Drug injuries are not limited to prescription medications, as over-the-counter drugs and other medical devices have also been known to adversely affect those individuals who use such products. Of recent note are significant health issues resulting from procedures utilizing vaginal mesh and metal-on-metal hip implants. Drug injuries fall into a category of injury law, often referred to as toxic torts or mass torts (mass torts includes non-medical products, which can adversely affect one’s medical state, such as asbestos that causes mesothelioma). Those injured by “bad drugs” may have their own lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company or chemical manufacturer, or may become part of a class action lawsuit with other victims suffering from similar problems and caused by the drug or chemical company’s negligence.


To prove liability against a drug or chemical company, the injured victim must be able to satisfy strict requirements in order to directly relate their injuries to the “bad drug.” Once you believe you are the victim of a drug company’s negligence or have been exposed to dangerous and toxic chemicals, it is important to have your case evaluated immediately by an experienced attorney to ensure the proper documentation is submitted and medical care is obtained.


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