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Jeremy M. Weitz, Esquire

Automobile Accidents

With more and more drivers taking to the roadways each and every day, automobile accidents are bound to happen. Accidents occur due to inattentive drivers, distracted and careless driving, driving under the influence and for a multitude of other reasons. Regardless of the cause of accident, innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians are often the victims of injury due to the negligence of another driver. Injuries can occur from even the most minor fender-bender and can range from sprains, strains, cuts and bruises to catastrophic injuries and permanent conditions. Generally speaking, automobile insurance companies are responsible for compensating injured victims of automobile accidents. Unfortunately, these same insurance companies will often take advantage of accident victims, have them sign away their rights or coerce statements which will later impact the outcome of one's claim.


Jeremy M. Weitz represents accident victims from all ends of the spectrum; from the minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic loss of limb, body function or even death. Mr. Weitz has significant jury trial experience in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey handling motor vehicle cases involving tough liability disputes and statutory injury thresholds that limit the types of damages accident victims can claim. Mr. Weitz regularly takes cases involving limited tort, verbal threshold and no insurance, which many firms would not even consider and instead, refer to Mr. Weitz for representation. Mr. Weitz is one of the few trial attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to have tried uninsured and underinsured motorist claims in front of juries in both states.


Did you know that both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have funds from which an injured accident victim may be compensated when they are struck by a hit-and-run or uninsured driver?


Before speaking to any insurance company or signing any legal documents, contact Mr. Weitz to ensure your rights are protected. Know your rights! Call Jeremy Weitz!

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